Proxy Wars: The Business of War
The exciting first installment of the Proxy Wars series by Mike Stillman
"From the opening scene to the end, I felt a compelling tug and instantly cared about what happened to the people in this story."

Writer's Digest 17th Annual Self-Published Book Awards Judge's Comment Sheet

Named after Thor’s hammer, Mjollnir International is a private military contracting firm of “soldiers for hire” on the brink of bankruptcy. In a desperate attempt to save the company he founded, former Green Beret Josef Kosakowski agrees to protect American college students caught in the midst of a civil war on the island of Monrovia. The success of this mission thrusts his team into a far more controversial – and dangerous – assignment: training the brutal Monrovian military.

When the Monrovians turn their newly acquired skills against the civilian population, Kosakowski sends his shooters back to Monrovia to aid the rebels in their battle against the troops his firm had trained. In doing so, they hope to avenge the deaths of the innocent civilians and ease their own consciences in the process.